Futuristic RGP Lens Fitting Topography + Eyespace Software = Simplifying RGP fits


DATE: 14th Jan 2015 (Wednesday)

TIME: 8.30am TO 12.30pm

VENUE: Camden Medical Centre 13-01



Jagrut graduated with Honours and a host of undergraduate awards from the University of Auckland in 2009, that same year he began working for Visique Rose Optometrists – Home of the Rose K lens, in Hamilton, New Zealand. He has a special interest in the irregular cornea, disease and neuro jagrutorthokeratology including Hyperopic, astigmatic and myopia control Ortho-k. He is relished in learning the art of contact lens fitting from his colleagues Paul Rose and Peter Walker. He has become an owner of Rose Optometrists and Innovatus Technology which provides services to practitioners and manufacturers for rigid contact lens design through topography. He has presented student research on forensic optometry (Contact lenses in Victim Identification) at the CCLSNZ conference in 2009.

In 2010 he was invited to speak at the OSO conference on the Gold Coast, following a brief stint in New York after receiving the SUNY scholarship. Currently; he is a branch president (Waikato) for the New Zealand Association of Optometrists, a councillor for the Cornea and Contact lens society for New Zealand, a board member of the International Academy of Orthokeratology and serves as the NZ representative on the member committee for the Orthokeratology Society for Oceania. In mid 2009 he launched a website in New Zealand, with a colleague Shonit Jagmohan; which is aimed at utilising resources within the optometric and ophthalmologial professions to help both students and all practitioners share their clinical experiences, in an effort to promote continuing education. He has recently co-authored a textbook entry for a chapter on corneal topography. He also provides visual training consultancy with the Northern Knights cricket team and the New Zealand under 19 teams. Jagrut has played sports at a national level and enjoys hockey, cricket, the beach and surfing.




What is Eyespace?

A brief overview of EyeSpace, a contact lens design software that utilises topography data to simulate hard contact lens designs as well as information about the product including key features and development. The software’s basic functions and complete web based system for easy ordering and tracking will be demonstrated.


Using Eyespace to Design an RGP Lens

This lecture will outline the stepwise fitting of a lux daily worn RGP lens utilising the fitting wizard in EyeSpace.


Using Eyespace to Design an Orthok Lens

This lecture will walk practitioners through the designing of an
orthokeratology lens from start to finish and also on how to
approach toric orthokeratology.


Troubleshoot an Orthok Lens Fit with Eyespace

Orthokeratology is becoming more popular globally, this lecture takes us back to basics and explains how to troubleshoot post wear outcomes in orthokeratology as well as discussing common problems that can be avoided prior to fitting these lenses.


Designing Semi Scerals Lenses Using the Design Wizard

This session will run through the basic steps in using the software to calculate a scleral lens for a patient.