We distribute customized contact lenses and ophthalmic instruments of the highest quality within the South East Asia region



Cerium Optical Products was first established in Australia in 1997.

The sheer scope and unrivalled quality of range has established Cerium Optical Products as a preferred provider within the international…

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The Keeler factory is situated close to the centre of the historic town of Windsor Here, for over ninety years Keeler have manufactured top quality precision ophthalmic instruments, wide range of precision optical devices in the making, each one hand finished to ensure perfection.


Medmont aims to provide a comprehensive ophthalmic product range to the domestic and international markets and is seeking opportunities to consolidate and enhance this range.

We believe that as a manufacturer and supplier…



Optimal Orthokeratology (OOK) is a vision correction therapy for patients with moderate myopia (nearsightedness) and low amounts of astigmatism. A retainer, worn at night, manipulates the fluid forces of the tear layer in your eye to reshape your eye’s outer surface …


Capricornia Contact Lens Pty Ltd is a prescription, contact lens manufacturing and distribution company situated in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Capricornia designs include lenses for Orthokeratology and the treatment of Keratoconus…


ChromaGen® is a patented lens technology that is a treatment option for people struggling with reading problems. It is FDA Cleared for individuals who experience reading discomfor. It is non-invasive and does not involve surgery or chemicals…


Contex®, Incorporated is a specialty custom contact lens company, dedicated to perfecting lenses and vision for patients throughout the world. Contex is best known for its invention of the reverse geometry OK® Lens, the first contact lens designed for orthokeratology.


Paragon Vision Sciences is a progressive manufacturer of a full range of oxygen permeable (a.k.a. GP) materials used in the manufacturing of contact lenses and Paragon CRT therapeutic contact lenses used for Corneal Refractive Therapy…


Soflex is the large manufacturer of contact lenses.

Soflex is a leader in the field using innovation and creativity to develop unique solutions for vision problems, while ensuring product quality and using the most modern cutting-edge …


SynergEyes®, Inc.  was founded in 2001, recognized the need for a contact lens that would combine the superior visual quality of a rigid gas permeable lens with the comfort andease of wear of a soft contact lens. The revolutionary SynergEyes contact lens …


TruForm was established in 1976 by one of the true pioneers of contact lens machining, Frank Svochak, Sr. For many years TruForm has produced the highest quality spherical, toric and other specialty rigid gas permeable lenses, while emerging as the leader in bifocal/multifocal…

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Wave contact lenses are made like no other.

Wave lenses, following the shape of virtually any cornea, are available as single vision, front surface multifocal, toric or bi-toric lens or ortho keratology (with or without a toric periphery)…

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